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Scammers are scattered everywhere and by that, you should do all possible things to identify and avoid them as much as possible. If you don’t want to pay for an overpriced charge for a simple towing service, then there are some factors that you need to keep in mind as it would guide you in determining whether a certain calgary towing service is a scam or legit.


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How they work?

It is important to at least know how these scammers work. There are some repair shops that would pay a referral fee to a tow truck driver or most often referred as “chasers”. Recommendation from a driver without being asked is illegal in some municipalities so make sure to watch out for it. In order to recover the said referral fee, the driver will take you into the repair shop and in the end, you are now required as well as the policyholder to pay. It’s really unexpected and you can be easily tricked especially if you do not have any idea about the difference on how a professional tow services works from a scammer. Make sure to watch out his every move and observe his behaviour in order to determine whether he is a scammer or a professional.


Tips on avoiding scammers:


  • Always look for the municipal licence number. Professional and licensed driver post a municipal licence number on their trucks as an indication that they are legit and professional tow company. Before you use their service, make sure that you’ve spotted a municipal licence number on their truck otherwise you had been dealing with a scammer.
  • Ask them if they are somewhat associated with a reputable company (e.g. automotive roadside assistance group and automobile association) just to make sure that the tow truck really came from a operational and reputable company.
  • Check if the driver would just suggest you to a particular repair shop without being asked because if he did, it is a sign that a referral fee arrangement is there. You should know that recommendations from a tow truck driver are illegal.
  • When they hand you a paper, carefully and thoroughly read everything that’s written on the paper so you won’t end up paying unexpected rates and charges.
  • If the driver refuses to take your car into a secure location such as Collision Reporting Centre or police station where you can gain access from your insurance company, then immediately neglect him for he could be a scammer.
  • You have to talk with your insurance company first about the repair shop that your car would be delivered to. There are some instances that they would let you choose a certain repair shop where you wanted it to get fixed but there are also some instances that the insurance company associated with a certain repair shop in which they can guarantee to provide excellent performance. Keep everything clear about between you and the insurance company’s agreement so you know exactly what to do once the tow truck driver arrives.


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